Mission, Vision, Values

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Our Mission

Family Justice Center Solano supports the healing of family violence survivors, taking a client-centered and compassionate approach. We bring together capable partners, offering comprehensive services to renew both individuals and our community from the trauma of family violence. 

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant community free from coercion and fear. To achieve this vision, our center serves as a community hub for education, opportunity, and comprehensive and integrated services in the pursuit of justice, hope, and healing. 

Our Values
We believe that demonstrating respect and compassion brings out the best in everyone, and that providing a safe, dynamic, inclusive and innovative environment promotes hope and healing. We believe that justice and accountability are vital to a strong community and that collaboration is essential to delivering excellence to people. Above all else, integrity is essential to all our efforts.

Learn more about our community’s vision for the Family Justice Center Solano in the report from our 2023 Strategic Planning sessions:

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