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a large group of people, staff of Solano County nonprofit and government agencies, smile standing in front of a wall covered in post-it notes describing values and services of the ideal Family Justice Center

What is a Family Justice Center?

A Family Justice Center is a collaborative service center where multiple agencies throughout a community provide co-located services in a welcoming environment to victims of interpersonal violence including intimate partner violence/domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder or dependent adult abuse, and human trafficking. Trained Navigators work one-on-one to help each family plan, decide on, and access the services they need. Centers focus on reducing the number of times survivors have to tell their story and the number of places victims must go for help, and on increasing access to services that support long-term safety and healing for victims and their children.

Partner agencies at a Family Justice Center may include:

  • Community-based rape crisis, domestic violence, and human trafficking advocates
  • Medical personnel
  • Mental health counselors
  • Family Justice lawyers
  • Victim-witness program staff
  • Social service agency staff members
  • Public assistance workers
  • Law enforcement personnel

And more . . .

Wheel graphic explains what Family Justice Centers provide using a circle with 4 interconnected quadrants surrounding VICTIM, Crisis Support and Safety First at the wheel's center. Quadrants are: 1) HEALTH (services include Law Enforcement Assistance, Crisis Counseling, Restraining Order. 2) EDUCATION & TRAINING (services include Advocacy and Case Management). 3) WEALTH (Safety Net, Victim Compensation, Family Law) 4. COMMUNITY (Emergency Housing, Safety Planning. Surrounding the services are the goals: Long-Term Safety, Independence, & Self-Sufficiency.
Family Justice Centers support survivors in four key areas for long-term safety.

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